» Rules And Regulations
  1. Admission & school fees once paid are not refundable.
  2. All the students must be punctual in classroom & clinical area, In case of sickness apply for leave before the class / duty time.
  3. Students will have P.T.S. exam after 3 months, which must be cleared, otherwise student may be sent home.
  4. Students are not allowed to have visitors in the clinical area.
  5. Students are responsible to pay the examination fees & conveyance charges to & form examination centre.
  6. Students will also bear the expenses if sent for learning experiences to other teaching centre.
  7. Students must take active part in extra curricular activities.
  8. Fees payment of monthly fee should be made before the 10th of each month. The late depositors will have to pay a fine Rs. 10 per day.
  9. Ward Incharges, Health centre Incharge & Instructors will have the authority to discipline the students.
  10. Students will not be allowed for marriage / engagement during the training time.
  11. Students must pay cash for all purchases from market or local shops.
  12. Intimacy with the male persons in the hospitals & outside will be viewed seriously, which if not stopped may result in termination of training.
  13. Students are forbidden to accept gifts (in kind of money) from the patients or their relatives.
  14. Uniform: All the trainees will be required to wear approved uniform while on duty and in the classroom.
  15. Books Textbooks prescribed by the Indus College of Nursing will be made available to the students on payment of current cost.
  16. Vacation: Vacation will be given according to the rules of the Indian Nursing Council at the time when it does not interfere with school programme. If any student does not return from vacation on time, will be disciplined by imposing fine, cutting days off or both.
  17. Request for leave on telephone or through telegram will not be accepted, parents should come to discuss the matter personally or else send a letter signed by parents through some relatives. (It is for the safety & security of the students).
  18. Sick Leave Only 10 days sick leave is granted if Medical Certificate of MBBS doctor of the Govt. dispensary of hospital is produced. Excess days of leave will be deducted from the annual vacation & if required she will have to make up days by doing extra duties.
  19. Repeated misbehavior, violation of rules, refusal from duty, poor performance in theory & practical, and joining or instigating for strike will call for strict disciplinary action resulting in expulsion from the school without a fly claim.
  20. If class attendance falls below 75 % the student will not be allowed to sit in the examination.
  21. Participation in extra-Curricular activities is compulsory.
  22. Students will not be allowed to appear in any Board or University examination during the training period.