» Director's Message

It is grace of almighty GOD which has enabled me to pick up pen to lay down a few words on the first page of the history of SSRB Nursing Institute, Kakira, Distt. Chamba (H.P.). Rarely such an occasion comes in one’s life when he has to take up & challenging responsibility to run a new institution from the very first day of its establishment for the accomplishment of its mission .

Our mission is to help, guide and train the youth group belonging mainly to poor and middle class families of the community and make them able to stand on their feet. So that they can take care of themselves, their Parents and dependents and finally serve the sick and suffering community of the country. The training in this professes enables an individual to render tender loving care to the physically and mentally disabled and also the trained professionals (multipurpose health workers) play an important role in the prevention and control of diseases by creating an awareness in the community.

I have seen a number of people working very hard from their childhood to adolescence, working physically for the financial support and mentally to obtain higher degree of education. Even their parents invest everything to fulfill the desire of their children. But what happens at last? In most of the cases it contributes to the main explosive problems of poverty and unemployment. Many of the degree holders are pulling rickshaw or repairing and polishing shoes. Future is dark and gloomy.

Our well established school of nursing is producing good quality nurses to help the sick community demanding any kind of nursing care efficiently.

Our motto is to make the community physically & mentally healthy. It is all by the grace of God because, “unless the lord builds the house its builders labor in vain.”