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Swami Shri Rajeshwranand Bharti Nursing Institute on directing its activities to render basic health care and nursing care to the rule community where higher category of health personnel hesitates to function. The institute aims to provide its trainees maximum exposure to the rural environment to acclimatize them to work in the rural community more efficiently.

The Institute is affiliated with the community health and primary health centers of Govt. of H.P. Institute is also attached with the big reputed hospitals of nearby to provide best possible education and training in the field of health Services to the community.


The Institution will help the trainees:

  1. To perform basic health care, nursing & midwifery procedures in the hospitals & community.
  2. To acquire knowledge & understanding in the field of diagnostic, therapeutic & rehabilitative devices.
  3. To develop an ability & accelerate sense of perception to make out the physical, mental & spiritual needs of an individual & meet them appropriately.
  4. To deliver health talks & demonstrate on maternal & child health care.
  5. To create awareness in the community for personal & environmental hygiene & cleanliness for the promotion of health & control, of diseases.
  6. To motivate the community for Ante-natal, Intra-natal care to reduce maternal & infant morbidity & mortality rates.
  7. To develop knowledge & skill for dealing with emergency & disastrous situation, using sophisticated equipments & devices keeping pace with advanced scientific & medical technology.

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Director's Message.

It is grace of almighty GOD which has enabled me to pick up pen to lay down a few words on the first page of the history of SSRB Nursing Institute, Kakira, Distt. Chamba (H.P.). Rarely such an occasion comes in one&.......

Principal's Message

This is great pleasure to share my views regarding S.S.R.B Nursing Institute, Kakira H.P. This was a dream of Swami Shri Rajeshwranand Bharti ji to provide education to females in surrounding areas of Kakira, Distt........